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Talking about dying: help in facing death & dying

summer 2017

From triple helix - summer 2017 - Talking about dying: help in facing death & dying

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Philip Giddings, Martin Down, Elaine Sugden, Gareth Tuckwell
  • Wilberforce Publications, 2016, £8, 182pp, ISBN 9780995683204

  • Reviewed by Steve Fouch, CMF Head of Nursing
Sex and politics have become mainstream,but death remains as the last subject which we do not talk about. That, according to the authors, 'simply will not do'. In reality, many people faced with life-limiting illnesses do want to talk, but are either afraid to or just do not know how to broach the subject. This pithy little volume is an attempt to help break down some of those barriers.

Written from an unashamedly pastoral Christian perspective, Talking about dying is a helpful starter. It addresses a wide range of issues, from planning funerals and other arrangements, to starting conversation about your own death or someone else's. It also looks at miscarriage and stillbirth, sudden death, suicide and talking to children. It even manages to explain the gospel succinctly in a chapter on what comes after death. Each chapter is short, with practical followup reading and resources.

Very much aimed at the concerned layperson, this book could be a useful tool for training church or chaplaincy pastoral visitors. Given that death is universal, however, it is probably worth reading by anyone and everyone.

Article written by Steve Fouch

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