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ss triple helix - summer 2017,  A Better Story: God, sex and human flourishing

A Better Story: God, sex and human flourishing

Glynn Harrison
  • IVP, 2016, £9.99, 216pp, ISBN 9781783594467

  • Reviewed by John Greenall, CMF National Field Director
I f you read one book this year, there is none more timely and needed than this one. In A Better Story CMF member and former Professor of Psychiatry Glynn Harrison contends that we are failing to meet the challenges of the sexual revolution through our lack of critical thinking and inability to understand its moral dimension. Still wincing from his insightful diagnosis, I was reeling as he outlines Christians' 'cowardly inability to articulate an alternative vision of sexual flourishing…it is we who have been weighed in the balance and found wanting'.

Having masterfully surveyed the terrain, he devastatingly critiques the impact of the sexual revolution on society, including the most vulnerable of all - children. He finishes by painting the compelling Christian story of God's passionate, faithful and fruitful love in gripping multicolour. There is invaluable insight as to how we demonstrate the plausibility of the Christian view in our individual lives as well as in our church communities. A wedding anniversary being celebrated more vigorously than the wedding day? Single people's sexuality being a 'powerful witness to the true nature of God's faithful love'? Over and again I was convicted, challenged and inspired. God's story is better, so let's tell it better, he concludes '…for the sake of the gospel, for the life of the world'.
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