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ss triple helix - autumn 2017,  What are they teaching the children?

What are they teaching the children?

Lynda Rose (ed)

  • Wilberforce Publications, 2016, £12, 354pp, ISBN 9780957572584
  • Reviewed by Paul Malcolm, Clinical Radiologist based in Norwich

This is a collection of essays by authors with experience of teaching, politics, the law and the history of child education. As Tim Dieppe of Christian Concern comments in his review, 'The education of the next generation is the key battleground for the soul of our society'.

These essays explain how the biblical view of men and women as equal under God has been the basis of British education. Decades of attack from Marxism and secularism are removing the rights of parents to choose how their children are educated.

The Equality Act (2010) is used to promote sex education that attacks the family with the support of Ofsted. In a brave new world in which 'protected characteristics' and not the 'person' are defended by the law, dissent is outlawed and Christians are silenced in the public sphere. Sound familiar in the NHS?

An essay by Baroness Cox pleads: 'May we not leave our children to fight the battles we have not had the courage to fight'.

We need to know this battleground if we are to counter the threat to Christian freedom in the public sphere. I enjoyed and recommend it.

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