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ss spotlight - Winter 2018,  on the frontline

on the frontline

We talk to Chloe Jones about her work as a children's nurse

What area of nursing are you in?


Why did you choose this speciality?

I've always loved working with children.

What motivates you in your job?

I suppose I really want to glorify God through my work and I want the families and children that I care for to feel important and safe.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I currently work on a busy surgical ward, so I'm often taking and retrieving children from theatre. A key part of my job is trying to help manage pain and supporting parents.

What are the particular challenges about your job?

I think the busyness is the biggest challenge. I often feel like I am running around from one job to the next, and it saddens me that I don't always have time to really invest in the lives of the families and the other staff members that I am working with.

What are the blessings of your job?

Seeing children get better and walk out of the door smiling is always very rewarding. It's also very special when you look after a child who is very sick and you're able to be the person who tries to provide comfort and support to the parents at a really stressful time. It's definitely a privilege!

How did you find the transition from student to qualified nursing?

The weight of responsibility definitely seemed very heavy to start with. I often went home worrying that I had missed something or not documented properly. Nevertheless, the staff that I was working with were all extremely supportive and were always happy to answer my questions. Thankfully, I now love being a fully-fledged nurse and find it much easier to switch off when I'm not at the hospital.

Any advice for student nurses and midwives reading this?

I think it's really important to keep asking questions. Don't feel like you need to know everything! Also don't forget that God hugely cares about your job and your patients so don't forget to keep praying and involving him in your day.

What things can we be praying for you?

The erratic shift patterns can often mean that I'm not regularly at church and I find it difficult to get into a regular Bible reading pattern. Prayer for a closer walk with God would be hugely appreciated!

Chloe Jones is a paediatric nurse in Nottingham.

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