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Volunteering:working as one body

John Greenall looks at the opportunities

I'm often asked why we use the term 'volunteer' at CMF. It evokes different images for each of us, some not so positive. We are, however, determined to see volunteering through a biblical lens. One such lens is that of being a servant. We serve because we lay our lives down as a 'sacrifice' to God in response to what he has done for us (Romans 12:1). We come ready to 'do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do' (Ephesians 2:10), not because we are working for his favour, but instead from his favour - because of what Jesus has done in serving us (Philippians 2:6-8).

So how can you begin (or continue) to volunteer with CMF? Apart from our Deep:ER Fellowships, Associate Staffworker opportunities and our new Catalyst Teams (more of which in the next edition of CMF News), here are several options you can take up from your own home!

  • Want to write? Join our team of writers, contributing to our blogs, print and digital publications. We also offer writers' training courses.
  • Can you speak at events? Join our database of speakers specifying what you can speak on and to where you can travel.
  • Could you teach on one of our courses? Our Saline Solution and Confident Christianity courses make a huge impact.
  • Want to develop your specialty? We are keen to develop Specialty Links who take a lead in developing how Christians engage in their specialty.
  • Can you link CMF with your church? CMF resources can be a great blessing to churches.
  • Can you open your home? We see so much growth happening as people meet in homes around food. This could be a student, juniors' or nurses' group. Showing hospitality to doctors and nurses newly moved to your area is particularly important.
  • Can you develop content for our new online learning platform? We are looking for technically gifted educators who can contribute to developing our resources.
  • Can you shape the work of CMF by joining a committee? Juniors, Graduates, Students, Nurses, Global, Triple Helix, Medical Study Group are all key committees that shape the work of CMF.
  • Can you administrate or lead overseas Short-Term Vision Trips? We have multiple requests to send teams and run training all over the world, taking juniors and students along and seeing them grow as they go.
  • Interested in mentoring? One-to-one relationships with those a bit further down the track is so important.
  • Want to research ethical issues? This is vital work in CMF as you will know from government submissions, our booklets and books and CMF Files.

Other possibilities in our London office include administration, finances, social media and conference organising.

Why not take the opportunity to develop and use the gifts God has entrusted to you?

To enquire about any of these or other opportunities please get in touch at
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