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work, wonder + worship

Spring 2019

From spotlight - Spring 2019 - work, wonder + worship

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Lorna Oliver urges us to stop, wonder and worship God in all he is doing in our busy day

We clock in, clock out. Shift after shift we go through the motions and flop into bed at the end of each hard day. Yet how many times do we stop to consider the beauty and the gifts all around us?

As healthcare professionals, we have a unique privilege to study both the complexities of the human body and to see them in action. Seeing the wonder in creation in the human body is a great gift. As we reflect his image and value each life for which we care, this in turn shows the value God places upon life.

We know that if Christ is in our patients, that should change the way we treat them. If the glory of God is displayed in each medical phenomenon, how should that change the way we talk about the body? Can our awe and respect for the human body itself become a witness? For the human body is a work of art by a divine creator and a work of beauty.

Beauty is placed in this world by God to draw us to wonder. And wonder, in turn, is to naturally overflow into our ultimate privilege as humans created in God's image - worship. Beauty therefore is an incredible gift and a signpost to point us back to the one who is ultimately beautiful.

Creation declares the glory of God. Do you hear the song of God's healing power as you watch blood clot before your eyes? Or feel the completeness of regeneration when you feel a baby moving beneath your hands? When you see a mother kneeling by her daughter's bedside, do you feel the strength of the Father's love for you? Or does the complexity of surgery fill you with awe at the one who created the body? Let us lift our eyes and our hearts to see the beauty of the Lord in all that is in every room of every hospital, theatre room and clinic. Let us view our unique position that allows us these glimpses into the wonder of the human body as an opportunity to see the glory of God more fully all around us. And may that overflow into lives of worship, love and adoration for our creator God.

Lorna Oliver is a student nurse in Herefordshire

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