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let your light shine before others

Spring 2019

From spotlight - Spring 2019 - let your light shine before others

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Sonja Campbell-Scott shares the impact that godly colleagues have had on her life

'In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in Heaven.' (Matthew 5:16)

Over thirty years ago, during my nurse training, I was an unconverted, lost soul. In my early twenties, already married but desperately unhappy, I found comfort in my training course. That may sound strange to you. Comfort from being confronted with illness and death? Comfort from demanding shift patterns and having to combine serious study with hard work? Yes, for amidst all the demands, uncertainty and challenges, several people crossed my path who, unbeknown to them, were like a light to me. They had an air of joy about them that I had never seen before. They were gracious and kind when I and others challenged them harshly. They were not perfect, but they were different.

One of them, a consultant surgeon, spoke to his patients with such kindness and humility, that even when he had to break bad news his patients were able to accept it calmly. The other was a senior physiotherapist on a hectic neurosurgical unit, who was always full of hope, kindness and laughter. She was supernaturally able to get the best out of the patients in her care and the nurses she worked with.

I remember the nurse who sat me down after I had made a serious misjudgement. She spoke the truth in love, (1) knowing that I was lost and blind. Finally, I remember my fellow student Rachel. She was kind and compassionate towards me, despite me pushing all manner of buttons and throwing all sorts of temptations at her. Years later, we bumped into each other and I had the joy of telling her that her prayers for me had been answered and I was now her sister in Christ.

Dear reader, no matter how senior or junior you are, if you are struggling with the demands of your job or training, be encouraged and remember what Jesus said, that as his disciples, we are the light of the world. (2) He is reaching out to others through you, so let your light shine before others.

Sonja Campbell-Scott is a nurse from Essex


1. Ephesians 4:15

2. Matthew 5:14

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