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ss nucleus - May 2019,  the editor is dead – long live the editor!

the editor is dead – long live the editor!

Well, not so much 'dead' as having his burden shared. #hellomynameis Zack Millar and it is my immense privilege and delight to be starting as the Student Editor of Nucleus. I will be working alongside Laurence Crutchlow and the editorial team to maintain the high production value and quality articles you have (hopefully) come to expect!

The real beauty of Nucleus is the amount of student involvement; many of the articles you read in this and every issue are written by you, the student body of CMF. It seems somewhat felicitous then for a student to be part of its production - a step closer to the aim of producing a journal 'by students, for students'.

To that end, allow me to use my first editorial as a platform for a shameless plug! It truly is a joy for us to receive student submissions, so why not write something yourself? Perhaps your last published work was in the primary school rag, and the thought of writing an article for the world to see fills you with horror. You could start by reviewing a film or a book. Or maybe you have already established yourself as a prolific wordsmith, your style honed and perfected over the years. Could this be another outlet for your talents?

In this edition of Nucleus, the focus is physical health. Why should we bother devoting an issue to it when our spiritual health is what actually matters? Rebecca Horton shows us the importance of our bodies as exemplified by Jesus (page 4). Many have to deal with disability on a daily basis and it can be difficult to know how to respond appropriately as a Christian. Steve Sturman leads us through both an individual and clinical approach (page 8). In the spiritual domain, faith healing has long been the subject of controversy. Andrew Fergusson presents a review of healing miracles whilst laying down a challenge for all of us.

Finally, I share my recent personal experience of dieting along with some of the snares I faced along the way.

As for our regular features, James Adams explains to us the concept of social justice and inspires us to personal action in essentials. In mythbusters, Julie Maxwell deals with many of the myths surrounding transgender in children. Leo Hacking helps us be prepared to survive the turmoil we may face in our foundation years. John Greenall writes about the power we gain as leaders and how best to use it. We also have a plethora of reports and reviews on everything from Helen Roseveare to PT Barnum, travel from Romania to Leeds, and from the centuries old Daniel Fast to our modern-day mobile phones!

I hope we all will benefit from thinking about this issue of physical health together. It has motivated me to finish my diet, and maybe a few of you will be spurred to action too. And on a related note, I especially hope my editorship will keep Nucleus in peak physical health. Every blessing for the months ahead!

Zack Millar is Nucleus Student Editor and a medical student in Cambridge

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