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why CMF?

Rachel Owusu-Ankomah encourages you to join

CMF exists to unite and equip Christian medical students to live and speak for Jesus Christ. Sounds good, but what does it mean? Why should I join CMF and what can I get out of it?

being a Christian...

defines who we are and our 'why?' of life. Being a Christian will have an impact on how we study and practice as a medic. CMF provides resources and space to think these through. Whether it's an article in our student journal — Nucleus, or during an interactive seminar at our annual Student Conference.

our medical focus...

means that we can navigate the unique challenges that come with studying in healthcare. These are often areas that the church does not have the time, knowledge or experience to address. How do we cope with constantly being faced with life and death? Can I (and should I) share my faith with patients?

being a large fellowship...

allows us to have a strong and credible voice as issues relating to healthcare are debated and discussed in parliament, in the media and wider society. It is an opportunity not just as individuals but as a collective to speak God's truth, love and the good news of the gospel to the world around us. In doing that we can also be a voice for the voiceless, marginalised and vulnerable in our society.

Joining with other Christians who understand the context in which we study and the highs and lows it may bring, allows for stories and experiences to be shared. It provides a place for mutual encouragement and building up through discipleship, mentoring and pastoral care as we seek to serve Christ in all that we do.

All that we do at CMF is to glorify God, for the benefit of our members, the church and wider society. There are so many opportunities on offer to you if you join — from conferences with other students from around the UK and Ireland, to day courses tackling specific topics. A wealth of written, audio and visual content looking at the issues where faith and healthcare intersect is also available.

Perhaps you want to explore working globally as part of our 18-month Global Track programme or get involved in one of our short-term vision trips overseas. Or maybe you have an interest in developing as a writer and want to write for one of our publications? How about volunteering with us and serving the membership by helping to organise events or working with our office staff? The opportunities to connect, grow, speak and serve as a student are immense.

There might be a host of reasons why you chose to study medicine. Perhaps you felt called by God or want to serve a particular group of people. Perhaps it seemed like a nice profession to be part of. Whatever your reason, joining CMF and getting involved is a great place to find out and live out your 'why?' for the glory of God.

Join today!

Rachel Owusu-Ankomah is CMF Head of Student Ministries

Visit It is just £10 per year for students. We'll even give you a members' discount for our annual Student Conference that should make joining a no-brainer!

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