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ss spotlight - Summer 2020,  6 ways to survive lockdown

6 ways to survive lockdown

Pippa Peppiatt looks at some practical steps to keep sane during the lockdown

1 remember that you are not alone (even if self- isolating!) - God is with you (Joshua 1:9)

With no option of going out in an evening, spend a few minutes instead meditating on a Scripture, such as Romans 8:38-39. Let the knowledge of his love and presence calm and encourage your soul and mind.

2 stay connected with people

Maintaining healthy relationships with people we trust is essential for our mental well-being, so think about how you can stay in touch with friends and family while needing to stay at home. It's normal to feel a bit worried, scared or helpless about the current situation. Remember: it is OK to share your concerns with others you trust - and doing so may help them too. You could try phone calls, video calls or social media instead of meeting in person - whether it's catching up with people you usually see often or re-connecting with old friends.

3 keep a healthy lifestyle

Three of the best things you can do when under stress are get plenty of sleep, eat healthily and get exercise. So OK, the gym is shut, so you may need to get creative. In our home, my oldest daughter blasts out the music and leads us in aerobics every lunchtime (even if, in the absence of yoga mats, camping mats are being used instead).

4 have some fun!

Be creative. From watching funny videos, sharing jokes, playing games, online quizzes, trying a new activity, virtual house parties, learning a new skill - the list is endless. Within my own family, so far we've cut each other's hair, celebrated virtual birthdays, had takeaway and film Fridays, sent each other the silliest memes, vines and videos, learning a new language and the violin (ouch!), and taught the ageing dog new tricks (who says you can't?!)

5 carve out some silence

Every day find at least a few minutes of solitude amid all the noise a crisis creates. In those silent times, you may want to pray and meditate on Scripture. That's wonderful. Do it.
But also, sometimes just sit in the silence. Let your mind wander. Watch the robin in the garden. Take some deep breaths. The silence will help you filter through what actually matters amidst all the noise.

6 share hope

People's spiritual instincts and questions get triggered in moments like these. A world struggling with death needs both the hope of resurrection and the power of a God who suffers with them. The appetite for the Gospel has been whetted like it hasn't been in years. Look for opportunities to share with others the Good News of Jesus and the peace that only our Prince of Peace brings.

Pippa Peppiatt is CMF's Head of Nurses and Midwives

Perhaps you want to talk to someone at CMF about how you are doing emotionally or spiritually.

CMF have set up a pastoral care and well-being programme to offer free, confidential one-to-one support to any healthcare student or practitioner in the UK or Ireland.

If you would like someone from this team to listen to you, journey with you through this season and pray with you, we are available seven days a week. Most of the team are current or former clinicians, and all have experience in listening and pastoral care.

We can also signpost you to other services if appropriate.

Email and leave your name and number so someone can give you a ring.

You don't have to be a CMF member to access this, and we aim to respond to everyone within 24 hours.

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