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ss spotlight - Winter 2022,  Liturgy for returning to work

Liturgy for returning to work

There's nothing wrong with 'arrow prayers'. Sometimes quick, short pleas for 'Help' or 'Come Lord!' are all we can muster in the high pressure or busyness of our workplaces.

God loves to hear from us, whatever form our prayers take. But on the Spotlight team, we have come to value prayers that others have written and faithfully crafted outside of the busyness.

So that we can have rich liturgies to hand that help us practise a mindfulness of God's presence in all our everyday activities.[1]

With that in mind, you will find a new prayer to add to your 'toolbelt' in each edition. Feel free to print them out so you can stick them in your pocket or wallet. We hope that these liturgies will be tools that serve to equip and enrich your prayer lives at work.

Heavenly Father, thank you for this job.
What a blessing it is to work!
To do something useful with my hands and for the money it earns me.
I lament for the million-plus people in this country who don't have jobs to get up for today. [2]

For those who lack the security and sense of purpose employment can bring.
For those needing to choose whether to eat or to heat their homes.
God of Justice, forgive us for our neglect of the poor.
Have mercy on our nation, I pray.

And as I journey to work this day, I say,
I'm on my way, Lord Jesus! I'm coming to join you in your ministry
In caring for the broken, sick and marginalised.
On this ordinary Monday [or insert day]
I follow in the footsteps of saints who have worked for a century of Mondays before me.
Like nurses and midwives who worked in monastic orders since the Middle Ages.

On this day
In this age I devote myself to you.
I may not live in an Abbey, but my ward [or insert workplace] is my monastery.
My place of prayer, of worship and service.
Holy Spirit, prompt me with this truth in the less inspiring moments of my day.
When I'm stuck on the phone or doing admin.
Stressed or under pressure.
Whatever I do today, I do it whole-heartedly for you, my Lord.

And thank you that I am not on my own.
I pray for my nursing and midwifery sisters and brothers in Christ.
Making their journeys to work now all over this country, even as I do.
And for those overseas who walk roads less travelled.
Use us as a 'Force for Hope' we pray.
Agents of change for health services across the world.
May your favour rest on us and establish the work of our hands for us (Psalm 90:17)


1. Mckelvey D. Every Moment Holy. Nashville: Rabbit Room Press, 2019

2. CAP Job Clubs. Christians Against Poverty.

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