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ss spotlight - Spring 2022,  the Lord's Prayer in action

the Lord's Prayer in action

Esther Hughes takes the Lord's Prayer to work
I've recited it countless times, and I can probably reel it off half-asleep post-nights, but as I travel into work today, I slow my pace a little and reflect on the gift of the Lord's Prayer [1 ] in my own words.

Heavenly, holy, Dad! I need you close and listening Lord. As I breathe in...and out...,I know Father God that you are giving me each breath. You are so big, it's incomprehensible. You created the entire world, yet you know me intimately and intricately. As I utter and stutter, in words formed and unformed, I stand in awe of you who, in a word, created the mountains and seas. I know you love me and love to listen to me.

Lord, help me to recognise your holiness. Help me to revere you and remember that your name is to be hallowed! I shouldn't be able to come into your presence God, never mind speak to you. Help me not to misuse your name but like the angels singing 'holy, holy, holy', I'll attempt to express how glorious you are Jesus!

Lord, you are more powerful than any ruler. You are in charge, and I submit to you. Creator and sovereign over not only us, but the wind, the waves, and the entire cosmos. God, I acknowledge that you are King of my life and my workplace, this city, this nation, and this universe. Lord, as I meet and speak to people in all kinds of situations today, I pray that your kingdom would come, that others would come to know you as their King. I long for your return and your Kingdom to fully come, Jesus.

God, as I worship you as both King and loving father, I surrender to your will for my life. I trust you and your plans. Thank you for the privilege of walking in Jesus' footsteps as he faced the cross and cried 'your will be done!'. God, please give me strength and insight today, as I serve you and as I cry out to you. When I ask you to change my situation or take it away, please help me to pray in earnest 'Your will be done!' and trust you. Thank you that you promise to work for our good and for using me in your plans. What an honour!

Lord, turn down the volume of the worries and concerns buzzing in my brain. Please give me your essential, sustaining nourishment that I need for this day; the physical, mental, and spiritual strength for today's tasks. Please remind me of your presence and truth as I serve you here, God. Keep me going in this wilderness and on this journey - one day at a time - towards eternal rest with you.

Esther Hughes is a staff nurse and works part time as a CMF Staff Worker for nurses and midwives

1. Matthew 6:9-13
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