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ss spotlight - Spring 2022,  thank God for. nurses & midwives

thank God for. nurses & midwives

Pippa Peppiatt updates us on the whys and hows of praying for our professions this May
When we first thought of the idea of encouraging prayer for all of those in nursing and midwifery, we hardly expected the response we got. Our initial idea was simply to encourage as wide an audience of believers as we could to pray for those in the caring professions and to give thanks to God for all that they do.

It turns out that a lot of people out there really do value what you do.

When first launched, nearly 6,000 people were reached through the social media campaign, and we had nearly 500 engagements or responses to the prayer posts that went out daily during the week. We had messages of support from all over the world, requests for hard copies of the flyers and bookmarks from all over the country. Groups of nurses, doctors, and home groups in churches were all praying for nurses and midwives across the UK and beyond. As Christian nurses and midwives, we have so many ways to have a positive influence in our workplaces, professions, and in wider society. So many opportunities to live out and share the good news of Jesus with everyone we meet. Praise God that we have the Holy Spirit to equip us and an army of saints praying for us!

I've been even more aware of the need for prayer covering for our frontline workers these last two demanding years, as we've battled Covid. It reminds me of a previous war - one that occurred a few thousand years ago when the Amalekites attacked God's people and Moses needed the support of his community to keep battling and winning the fight. [1] As long as Moses kept his hands raised to the Lord, the Israelites were winning. But Moses grew tired, and his strength depleted as time went on.

He got physically weary. I'm sure there's been times when this is how you've felt as you've given out at work until you were exhausted?

In God's grace he provided Moses with Aaron and Hur to stand alongside him.

And in God's grace, he's provided you with both a CMF community and a prayerful church family. So, let's inform them of the need and give them the blessing of being able to share in the fight by praying for you!

God hears the prayers of his people, [2] and he answers those prayers. [3] Whether you can see it or not, those prayers have made a difference. So, because we want to see God at work in nurses and midwives, in our professions, and our health service, we will be holding another fortnight of prayer.

The week for midwives is from Sunday 1 May to Saturday 7 May 2022 (coinciding with 5 May International Day of the Midwife), followed by the nurses' prayer week from Sunday 8 to Saturday 14 May (12 May being International Day of the Nurse).
Please put this it in your diary now and encourage your own church to get involved!

You can download posters for your noticeboard at work and church and a preview of the prayer fortnight at:

1. Exodus 17
2. Psalm 17:6
3. 1 John 5:15
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