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ss spotlight - Spring 2022,  nursing overseas

nursing overseas

Noor shares prayer stories from her time in the Middle East. Due to the sensitivity of her work, she writes under this pseudonym, meaning light

Spotlight: Hello Noor! Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed for our Prayer edition of Spotlight, we really appreciate it.Tell us, why did you become a nurse?

Noor: I wasn't a Christian when I became a nurse. I can only say it was the Lord's plan for me. I was going through a difficult period and my confidence was very low. I wasn't sure there was any point going to nursing school but decided to try. God opened a wonderful door for me, and I loved being a student nurse. I have never looked back since. That was 22 years ago! Since then, God had taken me on countless adventures, sharing Christ all over the world in Asia, Africa, Australia, and Europe, in prisons, slums, jungles, hospitals, orphanages, local communities, deserts, refugee camps, and currently in the Middle East.

S: Did you always want to work overseas?

N: I have always loved to travel, however, as a young Christian I read Isaiah 6:8, 'And I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?"'. I instantly knew that the Lord had called me to serve him in a new country and learn a new language, although at the time he had not yet revealed where.

S: How do you pray as part of your nursing care?

N: Every day I praise the Lord for the new day to serve him, asking for opportunities to share nuggets of my faith at least three times at work, whether that is mentioning God, Jesus, Christianity, Church, or my support community. People are surprised I can openly talk about my faith in the Middle East. Of course there is wisdom in knowing how to do this, but there is spiritual hunger here. I continually pray for doors to be open, to meet 'people of peace', and to be the salt and light of Christ.

Whenever I meet a local lady, I have a simple prayer: Manzil, Majlis, Matbakh. Which means house, sitting room, kitchen. I use this to pray that I might be invited into her house, as this is a sign of trust and honour. Then, that I would sit in her sitting room to form friendship. And finally, that I would be invited into the kitchen as her sister, as this is where the 'real' family members go.

S: What answers to prayer have you seen that have particularly encouraged your faith?

N:I have been serving in the Middle East since 2009. The Lord has answered so many prayers. Firstly, the number of Jesus-loving people coming to serve here has increased. It's been so encouraging to see the number of people with spiritual interest. Many are dismayed and disillusioned and they seek true love and peace.

Numerous Bibles have been downloaded in the local language. Online seekers have been connected to key believers in their home countries and lots of people have reported dreams and visions of Jesus. Although it's still a relatively small number, people are still coming to faith. Also, as women's rights have improved in nearly all Middle Eastern counties, they can now work, hold parliamentary positions, and in recent years one country finally allowed women to drive. All these are things we have prayed into.

S: And there are new adventures on the horizon for you, aren't there?

N: Yes, I'm currently preparing for a long-term move to Iraq.

S: Wow! How can we pray for you as you transition?

N: The language, religion, culture, weather, and political instability are daily challenges, and I consistently feel out of my comfort zone. Forming long-term lasting friendships with local ladies is not an easy task. Many Iraqis have been displaced, their loved ones killed, persecution continues, and there are a lot of mental health issues. Please pray that I can be as equipped and strengthened as possible, and can obtain a visa to stay long term. Also pray for my family left behind, especially my niece and nephews.

S: It would be our pleasure to pray for you Noor, we are honoured to have you as part of our CMF Nurses and Midwives fellowship. May God bless you.

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