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ss nucleus - summer 1995,  Lemuel's Limericks

Lemuel's Limericks

The Diplomat

He rose to the top of his field
His private convictions concealed
By methods adept, his secrets he kept
His true views were never revealed

Being keen to avoid confrontation
(Safeguarding his own reputation)
By stealth he would try, through fib and white lie
To sidestep perceived altercation

Through carefully managed pretence
(And nailing of flag to the fence)
Avoiding all slips, he expunged from his lips
All truth that might cause some offence

He said one thing to A and B
But something quite different to C
He'd burnt all his boats, when they compared notes
And found his words didn't agree

By taking them all for these rides
(And others not mentioned besides!)
His rise to the top, thus came to a stop
Attracting the wrath of all sides

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