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ss nucleus - summer 1997,  Lemuel's Limericks

Lemuel's Limericks

It started with harmless intent
Ensuring that pennies weren't spent
A mental defective (by process selective)
Despatched with parental consent

The precedent thereby was set
And others were trapped in the net
And more (by and by) were assisted to die'
Whenever conditions were met

The vision was gen'rally caught
And quicker new methods were sought
The trains and the ramps and the gas and the camps
The final solution' was bought

Thus travelled the slippery slope
Destroying all humanist hope
Til erstwhile pillars (those devious killers)
Did swing at the end of a rope

The lessons of history are clear
To all who are willing to hear
So take them to heart while you play out your part
And the day of God's judgement draws near

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