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ss nucleus - summer 1997,  Editorial


'A new team, a new dream.' These words spoken before the last editorial committee meeting, are an apt summary of the current situation here at Nucleus. None of our student members has been involved for more than two previous issues and this presents us as a team with both marvellous opportunity and grave responsibility.

We as humans are constantly tempted to remain within familiar patterns of thought and old ways of doing things. Pride is an ever-present danger and often prevents us from critically examining our thoughts, words and actions, as to do so may necessitate admission of our own guilt and failure. The upheaval associated with change can be threatening too. The Pharisees' honouring of human tradition to the point of disobeying God is a tragic example. (Mt 15:1-9) I should make it clear that I am not comparing previous Nucleus committee members to Pharisees! My point is simply that as a new team we must take the opportunity to bring fresh ideas to the work.

Tradition, however, is by no means all bad. It was crucial for the Israelites to celebrate the Passover and Exodus year after year so that each new generation that had not seen the mighty hand of the Lord might not grow up in ignorance of him. (Ex 13:1-10) We at Nucleus have a responsibility to uphold the good and godly principles that have become part of the work here and to hold unswervingly to the truth of God's word. I am grateful for those who have gone before and wish special thanks to go to our outgoing editor, Ruth Selwood. It promises to be a difficult job to take up where she left off and we wish her wisdom, courage and strength as she heads towards the world of pay-cheques, central lines and ethical quandaries aplenty. It is a comfort and aid to have the ongoing wisdom and support of the CMF Staff Team.

As always, this edition promises to promote thought, discussion and action amongst all who read it. David Pitches, with his article on embryology in the Qur'an, gives further evidence that, once a part of the Nucleus Team, it is difficult to leave!

The Nazi Doctors' offers vital lessons from history and along with the review of the film Extreme Measures', strikes at the heart of several aspects of modern ethics and research. Juni Chungath gives us a fascinating and challenging insight into the work of the Leprosy Mission.

May we, in all things, choose to obey God rather than men (Acts 5:29) and to strive to hear those words, Well done, good and faithful servant'. (Mt 25:21)

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