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Lemuel's Limericks

spring 1998

From nucleus - spring 1998 - Lemuel's Limericks [p38]

A gentleman living near Woking
Who'd made a small fortune stock-broking
Resolved to abstain (one day on the train)
From any more cigarette smoking

That evening departing the station
(Absorbed in self-congratulation)
He cut through a park when arterial plaque
Obstructed a main bifurcation

This bout was the first of a clump
Which crippled his cardiac pump
And although he took all the drugs in the book
His output continued to slump

A transplant was urgently sought
But donors were awfully short
Until his physician (a man of position)
Considered 'Could organs be bought?'

A 'broker' was duly contacted
A new heart was quickly 'extracted'
And sent in due course from 'an overseas source'
Once payment was fully exacted

Article written by Lemuel

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