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Fishing the Net

Abortion is always a contentious issue. It is reassuring to find some sound anti-abortion argument that doesn't follow along the lines of 'abortion is murder, how can you slaughter such innocent and weak little creatures; all abortionists are murderers and should be shot on sight etc'. Abortion Perspectives is such a page; it uses biblical arguments, as well as those polled from modern law and medicine. Although primarily aimed at the American audience, it is still relevant for citizens of any country where abortion is legal.

Of course, the CMF website also has some excellent resources on the subject of abortion. Try this page for a discussion of a doctor's right of conscientious objection in abortion procedures. (This article was taken from the January 1996 edition of Nucleus.)

The CMF site has of course been regularly updated since its beginning, so there is some new material there to check out. Try looking at our 'What's New' page to find out more. If you're looking around our website, you could help us to improve further the site. If you see any spelling or grammatical errors, please e-mail and describe the problem.

Student finances are always an emotive subject; debt was around even in Jesus' time (Mk 14:3-7). Well, sort of. The National Union of Students has a page devoted to it, as does the BMA.

Amnesty International has an excellent website that allows you to search its archives on many human rights matters. You can extract just the information that you want rather than having to sift through large amounts of irrelevant information.

If you are interested in the field of Christian apologetics, you can get some sound arguments from The Christian Apologetics Bookshelf.

Finally, a few more resources to help you with those essays: the BMJ and Student BMJ are both online, and have several useful articles.

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