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ss nucleus - autumn 1997,  Know Your Bible 23

Know Your Bible 23


  1. Priests had blood put on their right ears at their consecration (Ex 29:20; Lv 8:23). The same act constituted part of the cleansing process for healed lepers (Lv 14:14).
  2. The Apostle Peter cut off the ear of the high priest's servant with a sword (Jn 18:10). Jesus then touched the man's ear and healed him, saying 'No more of this!' (Lk 22:51)
  3. Freed slaves who opted to stay with their masters had their ears voluntarily pierced with an awl (Ex 21:6; Dt 15:17).

Know Your Bible 24

  1. What Old Testament offence was punished by amputation of the hand?
  2. Which biblical character had his kidneys 'pierced' by God? How?
  3. Who was referred to as 'our dear friend... the doctor'?
Answers in the next issue.
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