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Fishing the Net

One of the advantages of the internet is that it allows people from all over the world to write to each other and give advice, hints, or ask questions. The problem lies in finding the people to whom you want to talk. This can be solved by mailing lists. Mailing lists are groups of people who share a common interest. Once subscribed to a list, you can send email messages to a special address, which then sends it on to all the other recipients in the list. In return, you receive all the messages that they send.

An example of this is the leadership mailing list, run by the Institute of Christian Leadership. It covers all aspects relating to leadership: servant evangelism, activities, discipleship. To subscribe, send a message to with 'SUBSCRIBE LEADERSHIP', followed by your e-mail address on the same line. Send submissions to This list is moderated which means that a human being reads all the submissions before they are sent out. Therefore there are no irrelevant adverts and the messages that you receive are mostly 'on-topic'. To unsubscribe, follow the original procedure but use 'UNSUBSCRIBE LEADERSHIP' instead. This mailing list carries eight or nine messages per day, so you must check your mail quite regularly. The Institute of Christian Leadership has a good site devoted to all aspects of leadership, although with some bias toward the North Americas.

Population Control is an issue that many in the West view as a necessary evil. However, many of the populations being controlled feel differently. See

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