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ss nucleus - spring 1999,  Know Your Bible 29

Know Your Bible 29


  1. Simeon and Levi insisted on the circumcision of the Shechemites, ostensibly to prepare for intermarriage. Instead, Jacob’s sons took disproportionate revenge for their sisters’ rape by slaughtering them during their convalescence (Gn 34).
  2. The teaching of those who indulge in godless chatter is likened to gangrene (2 Tim 2:16-17).
  3. Barzillai declined to follow David to Jerusalem as he was eighty years old and felt he would be a burden. He complained of failing taste and hearing (2 Sa 19:34-36).

Know Your Bible 30

  1. ‘Charm is deceptive, beauty is fleeting’, but what is to be sought in the wife (or husband) of noble character?
  2. According to Paul’s letter to a slave owner, what fringe benefit accompanies sharing our faith?
  3. In what sense does Peter encourage us to emulate neonates?
Answers in the next issue.
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