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Fishing the Net

winter 1999

From nucleus - winter 1999 - Fishing the Net [p37]

Euthanasia is still in the news, as our article on withholding nutrition demonstrates. Having looked through the web sites available, I must say that the best one on the subject is ... ours. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the very finest in reading on the subjects of euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide can be found just a few key-presses away on this website. Whilst you're there, why not look around the rest of the site?

Racism is another hot topic, and for this subject, I've chosen a page with virtually no information on racism on it - it is instead a list of links to pages. Whilst the UK organisations are interesting and useful, there is also a lot of material in the US section. Browse around at

Lastly, acupuncture is one of the more common forms of holistic or complementary therapy (cf complimentary therapy: telling patients nice things about them and making them feel better). The British Medical Acupuncture Society (composed of medically qualified acupuncturists) have an interesting website at

Article written by Phil Underwood

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