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Articles from No. 5 Autumn 1998

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Reconciliation and Integrity Through Christ

In our postmodern thinking we are in danger, even in our churches, of replacing the concept of sin with insecurity and salvation with psychotherapy. The treatment for this insecurity only relieves symptoms and may hide the cause of a spiritual disease which eventually proves fatal. Healthcare is caught up in this...

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What is God's Plan for His World?

The foundations of mission: the creation platform The teaching of Genesis and Paul's speech to the Athenians show how God meant human life on earth to be. This enables the bad news and therefore the good news of the gospel to be understood. The bad news is seen in our...

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Beyond healing and caring; a Christian approach to disability

Disabled people can make distinctive contributions to society. A distraught mother of a boy with severe learning difficulties was surprised when her doctor chided her 'You think this child is all your own responsibility, don't you? He isn't. He is society's responsibility. Society needs handicap." (1) A friend at a church...

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Cameos of a Congress

The magnificent International Convention Centre in Durban was booked for this congress when it was only a hole in the ground. By this act of faith, the South African CMF team had to do more than a little cliff-hanging and spade-work of their own, but were amply justified for their...

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A World of Opportunity - a South African elective

Five hundred miles away from the skyscrapers of Johannesburg is the town of Mangusi. This is the real South Africa - a dozen shops and the local market at the town's only crossroad. Scattered around this lie individual Zulu houses and huts and a population of approximately 1 00,000. Mangusi...

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