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Can a Christian from the West share the Gospel with those in poorer parts of the world without causing offence? Will he or she not be seen as extending the power and dominance of his society? Medical mission medicine might even be accepted reluctantly because of the message that goes...

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Medical Missions - is medical work useful in mission?

Editor - I was interested to read the article entitled Medicine and Mission in the latest issue of Saving Health as the questions posed by the anonymous doctor are similar to my own . I have no formal experience of overseas medical missionary work but have worked in rural South...

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Medical Missions - an old paradigm revisited

Jesus' teaching and practice Throughout history, the Church of Jesus Christ has been active providing health care services for the needy. Caring for people was clearly placed in our core values when in the Sermon on the Mount Jesus said: "Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy."...

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Elective Reports from India - Chinchpada & Duncan Hospitals

BEN HORNER - an Oasis at Chinchpada Hospital As Dr Singh and I approached the corridor that served as the A & E admissions area some 30 people quietened and stepped aside to let us through before hustling in behind us. Lying on the bed was a girl of 18. She...

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For such a time as this Many Christian professionals today find themselves in a similar situation to Esther's, so long ago. Your education, speciality and experience are the contemporary equivalent of her "royal position." Facing the plight of people, the disintegration of the family and society around you, you can...

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