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Articles from spring 1993

The Truth about AIDS

Don't die of confusion When it seems that every newspaper report on AIDS is saying something different it is hardly surprising that our patients are confused about AIDS. They could be forgiven for coming to the conclusion that HIV is harmless, heterosexual AIDS is a myth, that a cure or vaccine...

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Differential Diagnosis

Differential Diagnosis 3

Acts 12:23 The gospel writer Luke and the Jewish historian Josephus give us only sketchy details of Herod Agrippa's death, but there is enough information to make a reasonable diagnosis. We are told that the disease process involved worms and was characterised by severe abdominal pain leading to death in...

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Dionysius Dialogues

Dionysius Dialogues - Abortion

Is abortion intentional killing? Nitpickerus: At the end of our last discussion I asked you whether abortion was murder. Dionysius: What did we decide the biblical definition of murder was? Nitpickerus: The intentional killing of an innocent human being.[1] Dionysius: So is abortion intentional? Nitpickerus: Well, it's a planned procedure, so...

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Know Your Bible

Know Your Bible 5

Answers King Asa of Judah was afflicted with a disease in his feet for which he sought help not from the Lord but only from the physicians (2 Ch 16:12). Bar-Jesus, a Jewish sorcerer and false-prophet, opposed the apostle Paul on Cyprus and lost his sight temporarily as a consequence (Acts...

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Lemuel's Limericks

Lemuel's Limericks

A clinical student from Guy's Ophthalmoscoped both a man's eyes Well he saw neither disc, but he still took the risk And recorded a whole pack of lies The next afternoon on the round The boss asked him what he had found Though he should have confessed, further fibs he expressed As he mumbled and stared...

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