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Elective Reviews: South Africa

Mseleni Hospital, 2006 - John Greenall, medical elective

'The child's dead' says the nurse, as we stand over the motionless body covered by a blanket. My head's swimming, it just can't be true - I saw her only 5 minutes ago and she didn't look that ill! I look across to the parents, at least judging by the...

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Zithulele Hospital, South Africa, 2013 - Emily Hay

Introduction to the country, area and the hospital. I spent 7 weeks at Zithulele Hospital in South Africa. South Africa is an extremely diverse country; it is a huge mixture of cultures and contrasts with 11 different national languages. The hospital itself is located in the old Transkei region in...

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Mseleni Hospital, South Africa, 2013 - Natasha Ramsden

Mseleni is a small hospital in rural South Africa. The population in the local area is quite poor and many people live in very basic conditions. The hospital has wonderful doctors and staff. This, and the interesting medicine, meant it was an amazing placement. The conditions that are seen commonly...

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