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Articles from Autumn 2016


Ten top tips for surviving nursing school

1. Look after yourself wholistically You'll be taught to do this for patients. Take the same advice. care for yourself, physically, mentally and spiritually. Nursing school is a marathon, not a sprint. You can probably endure a short period of exhaustion, caffeine and on-the-hoof meals, but your performance will plummet...

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It is often said that nurses make the worst patients. My family can testify to this. I hardly ever get ill (not even 'man flu'), so when I do come down with something I stubbornly refuse to accept that I am ill, until someone either makes me stop and lie...

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Nurses on the frontline

What area of nursing or midwifery are in? I am an adult nurse on a rotation for a year, working six months in liver intensive care and then cardiac recovery. Why did you choose this speciality? I wanted to work somewhere challenging, and a rotation was a good opportunity to explore a variety...

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Nursing as a Christian ministry

Of all the professions, nursing has one of the strongest claims to being rooted almost uniquely in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Yet, modern nursing today is very much distanced in its language, theory and philosophy from Christianity. Likewise, most churches do not seem to have space for nursing as...

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They used to throw us to the lion

There was nothing the ancient Roman rabble liked more than a day at the circus. And though today most are squeamish about wild animals trained for human entertainment, organisers of Roman circuses had no such scruples. Wild circus lions were kept hungry to ensure a truly bloody spectacle as they...

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