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41. Personhood & Ageing

... of mobility loss of dignity loss of community loss of purpose But it doesn t involve any loss of personhood even in cases such as dementia where it may seem as though the person we once knew is no longer present In a world that tells us to age is to...

42. Caring in the light of eternity

spring 2014 Article Caring in the light of eternity p12-13 John Wyatt relates his experience of caring for a relative with dementia key points For those with no faith caring for people with respect seems largely an exercise in nostalgia remembering how they were Christians can care...

43. The demographic time bomb (that probably isn't)

... enlightened self-interest There are many wonderful examples of personal and organisational inter-generational harmony and provision that are fulfilling and inspirational including the challenging area of dementia care The growth in public awareness and research investment into the dementias is good news The concept of a good old age with mutually affectionate...

44. Speaking Out

... to speak out on behalf of the marginalised the disempowered and those who have no voice the poor elderly or confused those with head injuries dementia or strokes those suffering from chronic or psychiatric illness the terminally ill children unborn children and human embryos We need to speak out in everyday...

45. What is a Person?

... about personhood lie at the heart of many current bioethical debates including those involving stem cell manipulation prenatal screening medical infanticide the persistent vegetative state dementia and psychiatric illness Modern approaches For centuries it was generally accepted that the terms person and living human being were virtually equivalent But over the...

46. Transplants and Truthfulness

... of openness and honesty that I am concerned about As with presumed consent certain groups of people such as those with PVS head injury and dementia who rely heavily on support may end up being exploited To allow organ transplants from these patients would be wrong and must be resisted In...

47. Not for Resuscitation

... psychogeriatric ward of a Dutch general teaching hospital showed that at the end of six weeks DNR orders were predictable by the four variables of dementia use of antidepressants age and pre-arrest morbidity index in that order 11 The association of the use of antidepressants with the presence of a written...

48. Spiritual support in palliative care

... punctuated by episodes of acute deterioration and eventually a seemingly unexpected death and a frailty trajectory of prolonged gradual decline typical of physical frailty and dementia Dying is a multidimensional experience It is not just a physical demise and as doctors we must strive to identify and meet the multidimensional needs...

49. Letters

... vulnerable members of our species Can babies make decisions Do people in a coma have the capacity to relate to others Do people with profound dementia love pray and believe Second he conflates legal and moral status The fact that the amended Constitution of the USA regards embryos and fetuses as...

50. Chapter 4 - Should Doctors Support the Living Will?

... seriously and permanently ill and disabled such as those on long-term life-support and those in the persistent vegetative state Thirdly there are those with irreversible dementia This last category forms the most numerous group of incompetent patients It is estimated that roughly 10 of all individuals over the age of 65...
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