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71. Parish Nursing

... the number of volunteers that come forward for training Some parish nurses are mental health trained and will focus on helping people with addictions or dementia Others are paediatric nurses and work with children and parents Some spend more time with seniors while those trained in cancer care may work principally...

72. Chapter 6 - Should Tube-feeding be Withdrawn in PVS? - A brief review of the issues

... reminds us of cases we ve met I well remember consoling a woman whose husband had just died after eight years of progressive Alzheimer s dementia only for her to say Oh it s alright doctor for me he died years ago I felt for her I knew what she meant...

73. Euthanasia

... KNMG and the Dutch Commission for the acceptability of life terminating Action have recommended that the active termination of the lives of patients suffering from dementia is morally acceptable under certain conditions Two earlier reports of the commission affirmed the acceptability of similar action for severely handicapped neonates and comatose patients...

74. cmf file 38 (2009) - the family & bioethics

... concerning the provision of resources for the care of the elderly More specifically we are beginning to see a significant increase in the numbers with dementia requiring particularly intense levels of care How will we meet this challenge Is the care of the elderly primarily the responsibility of the state or...

75. Going West - should Britain introduce physician-assisted suicide

... The case of Kate Cheney 11 Kate Cheney died in Oregon of PAS aged 85 in 1999 even though she was reportedly suffering from early dementia Her own physician refused to prescribe a psychiatrist counselling her to determine her capacity concluded she was not explicitly pushing for PAS and that her...

76. Euthanasia - a Review of Recent Events

... the acceptability of Life Terminating Action have just recommended in a new report that the active termination of the life of patients suffering from severe dementia is morally acceptable under certain conditions BMJ 22 May 1993 p1364 The commission s two previous reports affirmed the acceptability of similar action for severely...

77. McKean Rehabilitation Centre and Manorom Christian Hospital, 2004 - Rachel Bowen, nursing elective

... year-old lady who I will call Pii Bon She was a lady who was bed bound had been diagnosed with leprosy and now suffered from dementia She had been in the home for 20 years one of many who d lived there since arriving at the centre stigmatised and ostracised by...

78. Palliating the Future

... patients with non-cancer related terminal illnesses would benefit from palliative care 5 The Alzheimer s Society suggested that ageism and stigmatisation have resulted in few dementia patients being offered palliative care and The British Lung Foundation noted that patients with chronic lung diseases have limited access compared to patients with cancer...

79. A Right to Die

... a burden on carers relatives and society and may demand the right to die Whenever one discusses euthanasia instances are cited of people disabled by dementia multi-infarct or Alzheimer s Disease people in the persistent vegetative state or for other reasons requiring total nursing care - and whose lives seem to...

80. On the frontline

... the patients on a Monday morning Then as juniors we do our own mini ward reviews during the week Because I m currently on a dementia ward a significant part of my day is spent meeting with families giving them updates and talking to them about quite important decisions eg end...
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