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81. the machine will see you now

... therapists carers and playmates But this will raise complex and troubling issues Is it appropriate to provide a simulated companion for an elderly person with dementia or a child with autistic spectrum disorder Behind these developments lies a conceptual and emotional blurring between the human person and the intelligent machine It...

82. Alder Hey

... and research The management of congenital heart disease has improved greatly in part through having archived sets of heart-lungs for surgical review Our knowledge of dementia depends on having well catalogued brains for Alzheimer s not just the hopefully rare vCJD The parents of the children whose organs were kept reinforce...

83. Problems in Psychiatry

... spiritual pp2-7 What then is psychiatry Psychiatry is quite simply the diagnosis and management of mental disorder This covers a vast array of conditions from dementia and delirium to depression Because of the emphasis on physical medicine in medical training diagnoses like depression may sound rather vague and unscientific However with...

84. The Liverpool Care Pathway

... in cancer patients it is usually evident when someone is entering the last few days it is often more difficult to discern in patients with dementia and other non-malignant conditions If there is any doubt about whether a patient is imminently dying and these decisions should ideally be arrived at within...

85. cmf file 60 (2016) - mental capacity and consent

... when they lack it and so would not be appropriately protected from the consequences of misguided actions Example 1 Sheila is an 86-year-old woman with dementia who is admitted to hospital after suffering a fall at home Because of her frailty and poor eyesight she is deemed to be at high...

86. Euthanasia Briefing – 28th September 2005

... medicine ensuring that access to the best palliative care is universally available continuing research not only into the causes but into the behavioural varieties of dementia and so on how secure would these be as priorities if there were any more general acceptance of the principle that it was legitimate to...

87. what the Bible says about euthanasia

... accompanied by reasonable health albeit often with a chronic condition or two it is usually welcome But sometimes the later years herald a diagnosis like dementia where there is a heavy burden of care for years Worries about care costs are shared by families and governments alike perhaps more than cost...

88. Global Health Priorities

... needs to be an explosion of care intelligent response logistics training and delivery in this area before the sheer numbers of those suffering from depression dementia anxiety and substance abuse paralyse us by the brutality of their size This is an area requiring visionary and lateral thinkers twinning with movers and...

89. behind research headlines

... hopes for the relief of pain and suffering Who can object to research that might lead to a cure for strokes burns spinal cord injuries dementia diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis But do we take these promises at face value or do we look behind the spin The article mentioned above on...

90. Dionysius Dialogues - Murder

... precedent How can we be sure that we have the diagnosis and prognosis right What if the patient s judgment is impaired by confusion depression dementia or a false sense of worthlessness His request may be because of symptoms which may well be reversible How do we know that the one...
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