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91. News Review

... movement Patients experience permanent blurring of the vision and serious problems with gait and balance PSP patients may also suffer from depression apathy and mild dementia They do not actually die from the disease itself and may live for ten years or more after diagnosis PSP predisposes patients to complications such...

92. News Review

... for a licence to use PGD to screen for Early Onset Alzheimer s Disease EOAD About 5 of Alzheimer s sufferers have EOAD where the dementia starts in the 40s rather than beyond 65 For the couple seeking treatment Charl and Danielle de Beer - the disease runs in Mr de...

93. spirituality of Monday to Saturday

... laundry changing nappies emptying bins everything done for God s glory calming the alcoholic urinating in the casualty bin on Saturday night disimpacting the howling dementia patient writing a thorough essay comforting a depressed friend answering emails promptly Do you ever go to work and say today I am going to...

94. News Review

... to the guidelines on withdrawing and withholding treatment by removing artificial hydration and nutrition even from patients who are not terminally ill eg those with dementia or serious strokes BMJ 1999 318 143 16 January HIV Vaccines American scientists may have made a major breakthrough in the development of HIV vaccines...

95. cmf file 22 (2003) - euthanasia

... the effect their illness is having on others They can be depressed or have a false sense of worthlessness They may be confused or have dementia It is very difficult for them to be entirely objective about their own situation Having the option of euthanasia is dangerous because it would encourage...

96. News Review

... of the burden of having to decide whether to prolong their life Most would refuse life prolonging treatment once they were bedridden and suffering advanced dementia Telegraph 2000 16 June Telegraph 2000 28 June BMJ 2000 320 1618-1619 17 June Euthanasia investigation A preliminary murder investigation has been opened into the...

97. News Review

... inappropriate for 82 8 The drugs are given to 8216 quieten 8217 patients with 8216 behavioural problems 8217 but are likely to exacerbate patients 8217 dementia and increase their risk of falling The research team rejected 8216 aggression 8217 as sufficient medical justification but accepted 8216 biting and hitting others 8217...

98. Mission at Home - working with the vulnerable

... disabled or patients in nursing homes Those in hospital jobs and students on placement can be distinctive in the way they treat a patient with dementia or the terminally ill the alcoholic or the teenager admitted following an overdose Three years ago I saw a post advertised for a salaried general...

99. cmf file 26 (2004) - speciesism

... a normal chimpanzee is speciesist As a corollary to this he argues in favour of infanticide for disabled infants and of killing people with severe dementia and brain damage so long as families are in agreement John Wyatt calls Singer s argument corticalist 19 pointing out that Singer has chosen to...

100. Abortion and Euthanasia

... KNMG and the Dutch Commission for the acceptability of life terminating Action have recommended that the active termination of the lives of patients suffering from dementia is morally acceptable under certain conditions Two earlier reports of the commission affirmed the acceptability of similar action for severely handicapped neonates and comatose patients...
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