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Medical students providing a link between the student group and national CMF, and actively involved in running their local group.


Bart's and the London
Imperial College School of Medicine (ICSM)
King's College London (GKT)
St George's
University College London

East Central

South East

South West

Peninsula - Exeter
Peninsula - Plymouth
Peninsula - Truro


North West

North East




Queen's Belfast
Royal College of Surgeons (Dublin)
Trinity College Dublin (TCD)
University College of Dublin (UCD)

Student Link: a medical student who provides a link between the student group and national CMF and is actively involved in running the local group.

Medical School Link: a graduate doctor who supports the local CMF medical student group by being a point of contact for them, and by linking them with other doctors locally and CMF generally, in order to further the aims of CMF (discipleship, evangelism, mission, values).

National Student Council: a medical student and regional representative for CMF working with CMF student groups at each medical school.

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