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11. Eutychus

... 1910 The NAFD says the profession feels a deep sense of duty hence a reluctance to throw away human ashes National Association of Funeral Directors Dementia deaths among women New figures from the Office for National Statistics say dementia is the leading cause of death among elderly women in England and...

12. BMA Guidance Endangers Doctors

... guidance issued on 23 June 1999 condones the withdrawal of artificial nutrition or hydration from patients who have suffered a serious stroke or have severe dementia providing a senior clinician agrees In a parliamentary debate on the Adults with Incapacity Bill Mr Gray commented To withdraw hydration and nutrition from a...

13. The primary care guide to mental health

... chapter gives an overview the epidemiology common signs and treatments and also some pointers on how to screen As such the chapters on stress sleep dementia and overall health are prominent with less text space given to conditions where management is often initiated from secondary care Helpfully however the role of...

14. eutychus

... encouraging them regarding other subjects which perhaps also have an element of belief in them www fphm org uk resources sustainable_development sustaining_a_healthy_future asp Ethics in dementia care CMF welcomed October s publication by the Nuffield Council on Bioethics of Dementia ethical issues They introduce it There is no miracle cure just...

15. Ageing and Spirituality across Faiths and Cultures

... are important and valuable Refreshingly one chapter on orthodox faith deals not with Orthodoxy eg Eastern or Greek but explores in the specific context of dementia the core Christian understanding of spirituality as personhood - every human being made in God s image - and its implications Cameron Swift...

16. Dementia - a glorious opportunity

spring 2012 Article Dementia - a glorious opportunity p18-19 Jennifer Bute recounts her experiences as a GP with early-onset Alzheimers key points After a brief family history the author...

17. Incapacity and care

... to those involved in clinical practice All the contributions examine aspects of care for people without capacity There are profound insights into PEG feeding in dementia research on those who lack capacity sterilisation of people with intellectual disability and the Mental Capacity Act The chapter on nonvoluntary euthanasia is a mine...

18. Downs, the history of a disability

... people with Down s and showed their achievements In an otherwise excellent account of the scientific findings Wright does not mention the current research into dementia and the amyloid theory linked to the 21 chromosome It would also have been interesting to have had some information on attitudes in developing countries...

19. Mindful of the light

... and this helps make the writing very readable There is systematic coverage of six important mental health issues stress and anxiety depression suicidality addictions schizophrenia dementia For each topic Critchlow presents a chapter containing core empirically-validated information followed by a chapter on the spiritual help potentially available There is a balance...

20. Face the Future

... group Book Three will consider making the most of one s own health and of the health services and Book Four practical matters including facing dementia and preparing to finish well in this life Andrew Fergusson...
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