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National Conference - 24-26 April 2015 Hope in a World of Suffering - more details
National Conference - 24-26 April 2015
Hope in a World of Suffering - more details
Developing Health 2015 - details and booking 21 June - 3 July, Oak Hill College, London
Developing Health 2015 - details and booking
21 June - 3 July, Oak Hill College, London
Introducing - The Human Journey Thinking biblically about health
Introducing - The Human Journey
Thinking biblically about health
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Delighting in the Trinity
Audio from the 2015 Student Conference.
Saline Solution - Coventry
CLM Church, The Welcome Centre, Coventry
Saturday 7 March
Full details and online booking
CMF East Anglia Conference
Serving in Babylon: The Christian in today's NHS
28 February, Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge
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Student Conference 2015: Why the Trinity is great news


Mike Reeves gives the first Bible address from the 2015 CMF Student Conference.
This talk is entitled 'Why the Trinity is great news: the Trinity isn't a problem; it's the best thing in Christianity'.

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March 2015

Saline Solution Coventry

this event is run by CMF
When: Saturday 7 March 2015
Where: CLM Church at The Welcome Centre, Coventry
For: doctors, juniors, students, nurses, allied health professionals
Book online: Online booking available for this event.
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April 2015

National Conference

this event is run by CMF
When: 24-26 April 2015
Where: Yarnfield Park, Stone, Staffordshire
For: doctors, juniors, nurses, students, allied health professionals
Book online: Online booking available for this event.
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CMF Paediatric Breakfast

this event is run by CMF
When: Wednesday 29 April 2015
Where: The ICC, Birmingham
For: doctors, juniors
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May 2015

Junior Doctors' Retreat

this event is run by CMF
When: 22-24 May 2015
Where: Moyallon Centre, Portadown, Northern Ireland
For: doctors, juniors, students
Book online: Online booking available for this event.
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June 2015

Saline Solution Poole

this event is run by CMF
When: Saturday 6 June 2015
Where: Poole
For: doctors, juniors, students, nurses, allied health professionals
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Developing Health Course

this event is run by CMF
When: 21 June - 3 July 2015
Where: Oak Hill College, Chase Side, Southgate, London, N14 4PS
For: Doctors, Nurses, Allied Professions, Students
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Mission Fair

this event is run by CMF
When: 24 June 2015
Where: Oak Hill College, Chaseside, Southgate, London N14 4PS
For: Doctors, Nurses, Allied Professions, Students
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November 2015

National Junior Doctors' Conference

this event is run by CMF
When: 13-15 November 2015
Where: Hothorpe Hall, Leicestershire
For: juniors
More details...

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28th February 2015: Fantasy or Reality

The things that are seen are transient, but the things that are unseen are eternal. 2 Corinthians 4:18

I have recently been reading a most thought-provoking book by Malcolm Muggeridge entitled Christ and the Media. His thesis is that the media, especially television, encourage us to live in a world of fantasy. He states*:

`The prevailing impression I have come to have of the
contemporary scene is of an ever-widening chasm between
the fantasy in terms of which the media induce us to live,
and the reality of our existence as made in the image of
God, as sojourners in time whose true habitat is eternity.
The fantasy is all-encompassing; awareness of reality
requires the seeing eye which comes to those born again
again in Christ. It is like coming to after an
anaesthetic; the mists lift, consciousness returns,
everything in the world is more beautiful than ever it
was, because related to a reality beyond the world -
every thought clearer, love deeper, joy more abounding,
hope more certain. Who could hesitate, confronted with
this choice between an old fantasy and a newly discovered

As affluent Canadian physicians we find it easy to live in the fantasy world of materialism, forgetting that the things which one sees -- our medical instruments, our incomes, our work places, homes and clubs -- are temporal, and failing to remember that things which are not seen -- relationships to others, love, concern -- are eternal.

This fantasy of affluence, where good, comfort, shelter and energy are in abundance, can easily blind us to the realities of the Third World, where tens of millions are hungry, homeless, deprived or starving.

Even within the context of our Christian Medical and Dental Society we may be living in fantasy. Our symbols are the cross (self-sacrifice towards God and others) and the towel and basin (humble service to others). Do these really represent our personal daily actions and attitudes, as well as those of our local Chapter? Are we deluded with the fantasy that all is well with our peers, especially our Christian peers, or are we aware of and sensitive to depression, frustration and bewilderment among them as well as a tendency to succumb to the current climate of sinful materialism?

At the conclusion of the book John Stott writes*:

'Let us keep hearing the alarm bell that Malcolm has been so faithfully ringing so loudly. I shall never forget the contrast that he`s been drawing between fantasy and reality. I am going to take with me his words: `Stay with the reality of Christ. Lash yourself to the reality of Christ, like sailors in a stormy sea'. I have a fresh determination to do even that in this fantasy world in which we live!

Deliver me, Lord, from the fantasy world of materialism,
and show me in my life the things that are real. Then
grant me the grace to live accordingly.

Further reading: 2 Cor 4:16-18. Heb 11:13-16.


*c1977 by The Evangelical Literature Trust. Reprinted by permission of Hodder & Stoughton Ltd.

press releases and submissions

Charities unite to express concern about distorted abortion debate (24/10/2013)

The Christian Medical Fellowship, CARE in Northern Ireland and the Evangelical Alliance Northern Ireland have briefed Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) this week that they are deeply concerned by the possibility of a knee-jerk legislative response based on a misunderstanding of anencephaly, abortion and Northern Ireland's abortion law....
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Failure of CPS to prosecute effectively legalises sex selection abortion in Britain, says CMF (5/9/2013)

The Christian Medical Fellowship has said that the failure of the Crown Prosecution Service to take action in recent cases of sex selection abortions and pre-signing of abortion forms raises serious questions about its role in upholding the law. The CPS has this week opted to take no further action in regard to two named doctors who sought to...
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Government Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill – Prevent Duty Guidance - 30/1/2015

We affirm the importance of free speech on campus, and recognise the potential risk of misuse of higher education institutions as platforms for drawing people into terrorism. However we are concerned that the guidance as currently drafted would have a chilling effect on free speech and freedom of association, wholly disproportionate to its impact...

Department of Justice, Northern Ireland - consultation on amending the criminal law on abortion - 16/1/2015

The Northern Ireland Department of Justice seeks a change in the law that would permit abortion in cases where the unborn baby has a 'lethal fetal abnormality'. Further, the Department is also considering doing so in relation to cases of rape and incest. Finally, they are considering if there should be a right to conscientious objection for those...

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vacancies at CMF

Student and International Ministries Co-ordinator.

CMF's student and international ministries are central to CMF's work. The student department equips students to connect with one another, learn about their role as Christians in the medical profession, and serve each other, their patients, and the wider world. The international department equips and supports doctors working in developing countries and connects with national Christian medical movements all around the world. The Coordinator plays a key role, connecting with students, doctors and mission agencies and arranging a variety of events throughout the year.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Managing all Student and International events organised by the CMF office which include three residential conferences per year.
  • Overseeing the design and production of all publicity materials for the Student and International departments.
  • Maintaining and updating material on the webpages of both departments.
  • Acting as the first point of contact for all written, electronic and phone contact with both departments.

Permanent position, full-time, salaried based at CMF in London.

Closing date 27 February 2015.

Full details including job description, salary details and application form from or phone Gwen Gowers on 02072349663.