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2019 Junior Doctors Conference - part 1
Ambition Listen to John Wyatt's first talk from Junior Doctors Conference 2019. Recorded at Hothorpe Hall, Friday 25 October 2019.
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Open letter to the BBC regarding inaccurate and unethical reporting on Bell vs. Tavistock
Following the recent judicial review which raised significant concerns about the treatment of children with gender dysphoria, this article was published by the BBC 'Puberty blockers: Parents' warning as ruling challenged'. Our letter raises several concerns regarding inaccuracies this article which are particularly concerning bearing in mind the trust many people place in the accuracy of the information published by the BBC. In addition, the article is deliberately inflammatory and likely to cause further distress to families. The BBC should have a duty of care to the public to provide accurate and compassionate reporting on any topic, especially one as delicate as this.
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