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2019 Junior Doctors Conference - part 1
Ambition Listen to John Wyatt's first talk from Junior Doctors Conference 2019. Recorded at Hothorpe Hall, Friday 25 October 2019.
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The Human Journey
Reflecting God's image or usurping his position?
For as long as humans have been keeping records, they have been recording their fight against the ultimate enemy - death. Up until a certain point in history, every new advance in technology was aimed at postponing the hour when the grim reaper would come calling. Clothes and shelter so we didn't freeze to death, spears so we could catch food, shields to protect ourselves from other humans. And of course, medicines and technologies to combat poisons, bind up wounds and relieve pain. But at what point does our pursuit of life and health tip over from becoming a natural response to threats and dangers and become something more sinister?
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