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The Christian Medical Fellowship unites and equips Christian doctors and nurses to live and speak for Jesus Christ. We were formed in 1949 and there are currently 5,000 doctors, 900 medical and nursing students and 300 nurses and midwives as members.

our aims

  • Discipleship - to unite Christian healthcare professionals and students in Christ and encourage them to deepen their faith, live like Christ and serve him obediently, particularly through acting competently and with compassion in their clinical practice.
  • Evangelism - to encourage Christian healthcare professionals and students to be witnesses for Christ amongst all those they meet.
  • Mission - to mobilise and support all Christian healthcare professionals and students in serving Christ throughout the world.
  • Values - to promote Christian values in society, especially, but not limited to, the areas of bioethics and healthcare.

membership basis

'I am in sympathy with the Aims of the Christian Medical Fellowship. I declare my faith in God the Father and in God the Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, who is my Saviour, and in God the Holy Spirit. I accept the Bible as the supreme authority in matters of faith and conduct.'

Note - CMF's governing documents refer mainly to doctors and medical students rather than to all healthcare professionals, and for most of its history since 1949 it has focussed exclusively on doctors and medical students. However, in 2013 CMF took on the existing ministry of Christian Nurses and Midwives, with a view to growing nursing ministry and exploring the options for greater integration of nurse members in the coming years. Other healthcare professionals can join as associate members.

Recognising the need to clarify the current situation for our nurse members, the CMF Board of Trustees agreed on 11 May 2019 to authorise the above version of CMF's Aims and Values that recognises their applicability in principle to all healthcare professionals. The official Aims and Values of CMF remain unchanged, as does our Doctrinal Basis; these are laid out in our governing documents.


CMF is a founder member of the International Christian Medical and Dental Association which draws together associations of like-minded colleagues in around 100 countries.


CMF is a member of the Evangelical Alliance and the Care Not Killing Alliance.

CMF is a member of the Nurses Christian Fellowship International

scripture quotations

Unless otherwise stated, Scripture quotations are taken from the Holy Bible, New International Version Anglicised.

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