about cmf

The Christian Medical Fellowship unites and equips Christian doctors. We were formed in 1949 and currently have over 4,000 UK doctors and around 800 UK medical students as members.

introducing CMF

Read our booklet below to find out more about the work of CMF.

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our aims

  • Discipleship - to unite Christian doctors and medical students in Christ, and to encourage them to deepen their faith, live like Christ, and serve him obediently, particularly through acting competently and with compassion in their medical practice.
  • Evangelism - to encourage Christian doctors and medical students to be witnesses for Christ among all those they meet.
  • Mission - to mobilise and support all Christian doctors, medical students and other healthcare professionals, especially members, in serving Christ throughout the world.
  • Values - to promote Christian values, especially in bioethics and healthcare, among doctors and medical students, in the church and in society.

membership basis

'I am in sympathy with the Aims of the Christian Medical Fellowship. I declare my faith in God the Father and in God the Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, who is my Saviour, and in God the Holy Spirit. I accept the Bible as the supreme authority in matters of faith and conduct.'

International Christian Medical and Dental Association

CMF is a founder member of the ICMDA which draws together associations of like-minded colleagues in around 100 countries.

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