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healthcare sunday

Healthcare Sunday 2013 is 20 October.

Resources for your church:
What is CMF? (downloadable powerpoint presentation)
Sermon ideas
Responsive prayer
Other resources

Most churches have at least one member who works in the NHS. The NHS employs 1.7 million people in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland – that is 4% of the workforce; one in every 25 people.

Healthcare Sunday is an opportunity for your church to support and find out more about the doctors, healthcare students, lecturers, academics and trainers in your congregation and local community.

Healthcare Sunday 2013- video presentation

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Introduction to CMF

Medical issues affect every part of the Church, from end and start of life questions, to public health issues like smoking, drugs and alcohol abuse. Doctors can support churches, and in turn churches can support doctors.

Use the video above to find out about the challenges doctors face and how you and your church can support medics throughout the year.
download our powerpoint presentation entitled What is CMF?

Watch online or right-click to download(39Mb)

Medical mission - transforming lives in Nepal

Christian medics, working around the world with mission and secular agencies, also value our prayers. Use this video on Healthcare Sunday to show God's grace, mercy and provision through medical work in Nepal.

Watch online or right click to download (27Mb)

About Healthcare Sunday

Healthcare Sunday was set up over a decade ago as a way to help churches engage with health and medicine. For one Sunday every year we pray for, encourage and support those in the Church who work in healthcare, and remember all those working in local health institutions.

Healthcare Sunday is marked in different ways by different churches. In Wellingborough, Northants, Hope Church celebrates Healthcare Sunday, doing something different each year, which will involve the whole congregation, such as praying about healthcare issues in small groups during the Sunday service.

In Kettering, a Prayer House has opened opposite Kettering Hospital. As well as marking Healthcare Sunday, people gather at various times to pray for our country, churches and healthcare situations.

Healthcare Sunday through the year

The year is full of days-for-this and weeks-for-that but Healthcare Sunday can last all year! Perhaps your Church could have regular (small) reminders of what is going on and who is involved. e.g.
  • Identify the major health related sites within 1-2 miles of your church and pray for them in turn through the year, using anyone in the congregation who works there as a focal point.
  • Hold 6 short interviews during the year with people involved in healthcare; find out their issues and pray for them during the service.
  • Encourage members of your congregation to 'adopt' a healthcare worker and find ways to encourage them in their work. Just taking an interest will make a difference.
  • Join CMF as a Link Church and you will receive regular email up-dates on healthcare issues, addressed from a biblical perspective, and access to CMF resources.