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spring 2003


From CMF news - spring 2003 - Publications


Cure for Life by Bernard Palmer, already translated into Albanian, is now almost ready for publication in Russian. A Bulgarian edition will possibly be produced later this year. John Wyatt’s Matters of Life and Death is being translated into Spanish. The French edition is already available and the Russian translation completed. Further editions may be produced in Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Arabic and Chinese. If you would like to contribute to the appeal to print these translations please contact the CMF office.

Ethics for Schools

Our schools website had 2,441 visits in January 2003 and is available for £5 on CD-ROM. carries much useful information for GCSE and AS/A2 level students of religious education and philosophy.

New publications

Work continues on our three new books: Christian Distinctives in Medicine, Hard Questions about Healing and Mad, Bad or Sad?

CMF Website

There were 18,197 visits to the website in January 2003. It is also available as a CD-ROM for £5 (see insert in Triple Helix).

‘Turning Points’ CDs

Sadly we couldn’t allow many graduates at the National Students’ Conference (7-9 February). However, anyone can enjoy the CDs of the main talks. The three Bible addresses from Don Carson (USA) were: ‘That First Temptation - Genesis 3’, ‘David and His Dynasty - 2 Samuel 7’ and ‘Why Trust a Cross? - Romans 3:21-26’. The conference address from John Patrick (Canada) was ‘Meaning and Purpose in Medicine’. All were hugely popular and over 130 CD sets have already been ordered. This four-CD boxed set includes both audio and MP3 format (hence can be played on any CD player or a computer CD-ROM drive). The price is £10 including P&P.

Contact to place your order.

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