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spring 2003

Finance Matters

From CMF news - spring 2003 - Finance Matters

2002 Accounts

We are immensely grateful that the 2002 accounts, which are being audited and finalised show only a small deficit of about £20,000, £16,000 of which is a paper investment loss due to stock market falls during the year. These assets are held for the long term, and have not fared as badly as many investments during 2002.

We must acknowledge with gratitude the largest legacy ever received by CMF during the year, which has reduced the deficit very substantially. Have you made your will yet, and would you consider making CMF a beneficiary when you next review it? Thank you, Lord God, for looking after CMF’s financial affairs during 2002, thereby enabling much to be done for the Kingdom.


Subscription reminders are now going out, requesting those in full time practice, and more than 5 years post qualification to consider subscribing £10 per month or £120 per year. This is a big increase, but is designed to balance the books in 2003, and enable the appointment of a full time Associate General Secretary, when we can identify the right individual. Please speak to us if this places too great a burden on your financial commitments. Students may now join for free for a year, and then the subscription is £10, or £25 for 3 years - a real bargain!

Means of giving

We are very keen to promote Direct Debit payments, and we hope this facility will become available during the year as part of a major overhaul of our membership database and subscription system during the summer. In the meantime you may prefer to establish a Bank standing order, or make a subscription payment, or donation by means of a credit card should you make use of one.

Thank you Paul Ginnings

Paul, who has recently retired as partner from Deloitte & Touche, has served on the Business Advisory Committee of the Fellowship since December 1975, an extraordinary length of service, for which the Fellowship is very grateful indeed. His down to earth and practical advice, based on a lifetime’s service will have saved the Fellowship untold thousands, and kept us on the financial straight and narrow! Thank you so much Paul for your invaluable contribution.

Thank you, Lord God, for the faithful financial support of the CMF membership during 2002.

Article written by Giles Rawlinson

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