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Northern Ireland Department of Justice Consultation on Abortion

CMF will be responding to the Northern Ireland Department of Justice Consultation on Abortion 2014. The related document can be found here.

The consultation is not about the wider debate between pro-choice and pro-life views, but is strictly focused on two aspects of the criminal law on abortion. Firstly, it looks at whether the law should enable abortion in cases where there is a diagnosis in pregnancy that the foetus has a lethal abnormality. Secondly, it addresses the issue of whether abortion should be available to women who have become pregnant as a result of sexual crime. Finally, the consultation considers whether there should be a right of conscientious objection for those asked to participate in abortions on either of these grounds, were they to be legalised.

The consultation closes on 17th January 2015

Consultation on Care of the Dying Adult

NICE have been asked to develop a clinical practice guideline on Care of the Dying Adult for use in the NHS in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The draft scope defines what aspects of care the guideline will cover and to whom it will apply. The consultation invites comments on the scope and suggestions for clinical questions that could be answered in the guideline.

Information on the progress for this guideline topic so far is available.

Details of the consultation can be found at here.