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Calling all Freshers!

I'm John (the hairy one on the left) and on behalf of the student team at CMF - welcome to medical school!

You've just begun a lifelong journey. In the next few years, you'll learn thousands of new words, meet more people than you could ever imagine, and sit countless exams. You'll share some of the happiest and saddest times in patients' lives.

Big questions

Much of student life is no different to anyone else's. Managing money or finding accommodation are issues for all students. If you've come to university as a Christian, there is more to consider. Where will you go to church? Will there be any other Christians on your course? How will you fit in with new friends who have different priorities without compromising your beliefs?

Why CMF?

All Christians face these questions, and both your new church and Christian Union will be able to help.

But some issues are much more specific to the Christian medical student.
How do you respond to ethics lecturers who argue against belief in God?
What do you do if asked to watch, or help with, an abortion?
What do you say if a patient asks to pray with you?
CMF can help with these questions and many more as the above video outlines.

It's take...and give

But there is a far bigger reason to join than just what we can offer – CMF needs you! By being a member:

  • You have the opportunity to give to others e.g. by being a point of contact, leading a group, going on a summer team, organising an evangelistic event and the list goes on...
  • Your subscriptions and gifts help pay for the work of CMF. You could access many of our resources for free as a non-member of course, but we are dependent on Christian medics making a decision to support the work.
  • You know what's happening, so you are better able to pray for that work
  • You encourage other medical students, showing that we are not individuals but we are united and can have confidence we are part of something bigger than ourselves. Cheesy though it may sound, we are stronger together.
  • You add strength to our voice as we speak out in the public square

So take a look at our resources and join with us in uniting and supporting Christian medical students where you are today.

We look forward to seeing you soon!


For details of our events for students including our packed-out-every-year student conference click here.

Free initial membership for freshers

Freshers who pay by direct debit can enjoy the full benefits of CMF for free for the first six months of membership.

CMF membership costs just £6 per year for medical students until you graduate.

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