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a) Where can I be an ASW?

The ASW roles are ideally performed in or near the place you live/work. It is a 'drop a day' option where you might work 3-4 days a week and give a day for CMF ministry where you are. This might include running local events, mentoring local student leaders, joining some of the Deep:ER training programme and much more.

b) What if I can only give a year?
Ideally a minimum commitment is 2 years. This role is highly relational and you might find that a year isn't long enough to establish these relationships. However if you do only have a year we can discuss possibilities.

c) Can I do a Fellowship option as per the Deep:ER Fellowship?

Yes. We feel it would be helpful to have an area of interest and involvement. Please see the Deep:ER Fellowship brochure to see the Fellowship options and we can discuss an area that you would like to get involved in. For example, you might be able to write/blog on advocacy issues, or be involved in developing evangelism resources or podcasts - all of which could predominantly be done from home.

d) Who would be my line manager?

Line managers are CMF staff or, if present in your area, a Regional Team leader. We look to link you with a local CMFer for support and input where needed.

e) In terms of study with external organisations, what sort of opportunities are on offer?

The Deep:ER brochure lists some organisations we have linked with ( ). We don't have a 'formal' relationship with them but they are aware that we want to encourage medics to consider doing something else alongside your ASW year and we would especially recommend these options. We can offer up to £500 a year towards fees etc. It will depend on what you want to do - one ASW completed their local Gospel Partnership course 1 day a week for example.

f) How will I spend my time?

The role is flexible and you will need to plan your time in tandem with your line manager at the beginning of the year. This will include factoring in any relevant team days and conferences. The key is that ASWs support the work of student ministry among medics or nurses, contributing to the work of the Student and Nursing departments.

g) When does training happen?

If you would like to join Deep:ER Fellowship sessions and you are close to London, every other week please aim to come into the office on a Wednesday. As per the timetable, we will run these 20 times in a year.


• Staff prayers 9.15-9.45am

• Student team meeting/prayer 10-10.30am

• Teaching session 10.30-12noon

• Mentor meeting/office work 12-1pm

• Every month 1-2pm Theology Forum

(those not able to attend in person should try to Skype in from 10am-12noon)

Those not in the office will have to seek other opportunities to lead Bible studies/prayer meetings.


You might then use the afternoon for your project or other work.

h) What happens on away days?

Typically, we have had one per term. We have done an overnight residential at L'Abri community in Hampshire, StrengthsFinder training, Christian Heritage Tours and more. People have found these days to be real highlights of the year and give more time to digest and discuss the things we are learning.

i) Which conferences will I attend?

Attendance as part of the team at the National Conference and the Student conference is mandatory. We will also encourage you to attend a Saline and a Confident Christianity day course. There will be numerous opportunities to attend other conferences by prior agreement with your line manager, time permitting.

j) How do finances work?

We ask local medics and nurses to pray for you during your time with CMF. We also encourage them to give to CMF to specifically support you while you are with us. We write to them when you start and encourage you to keep people updated through at least termly newsletters. You can of course include friends/relatives on your email list!

The local financial support covers conference and training fees and travel expenses.

As an ASW you can claim expenses on the following:

• Travel to/from the CMF office

• Travel to/from a conference that you have agreed with your line manager in advance.

• Lunch - up to £5 per day on the days you are in the CMF office or on a team day

• Conference fees - for conferences/training days that have been agreed in your year-plan.

• External courses - for those taking this route we can pay up to £500 to an external training partner towards your training fees. Please ask the organisation to address fees up to this figure to CMF and we can do this directly via bank transfer rather than paying you.

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