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A day in the life

Daniella Osaghae

Daniella Osaghae, 2018 Deep:ER trainee, shares a typical day in her life at CMF

9 am

After I've pressed snooze a few times, I get up and remember: it's Wednesday which means CMF day! I arrive in the office for 9am, with just enough time to grab a quick cup of tea from 2nd floor kitchen to take down to Morning Prayers, in the main conference room. That's one of the things I really love about CMF: having a set time (09:15) every morning when all the staff gather and look over scripture and pray together. It's also exciting hearing what everyone is doing that day, as each person gives a quick update which makes me realise just how extensive the scope of CMF is!

Staff take it in turns to lead each morning and today is my turn. I open up the passage, each person reads a couple of verses as we go around the room then I facilitate a brief time of discussion on people's thoughts and the relevance of the passage to our lives. It's a real blessing to listen to words of wisdom from many of the staff. I add my own thoughts and we close with a time of prayer on our discussions and lift the tasks of the day to God.

10.30 am

After morning prayers, there's just enough time to top up my tea before the Deep:ER team gather for our fortnightly half day of training. Someone grabs the laptop and we get Skype set up so that Deep:ER trainees who are based in other parts of the country can join us too. The student team is also present. Following updates, we have a time of prayer together, including for any specific prayer requests and for the session. It is always a time of real encouragement. In between mouthfuls of pastry, we have our Deep:ER session. Today it is the National Field Director who is leading, talking us through Christian leadership in a very practical way. There's lots of time for discussion, interactivity and sharing personal stories in quite a unique way that is easy with the small group that makes up the Deep:ER team. We manage to draw things to a close by 12:30 even though discussions could go on for much longer on many topical issues…


Arguably the most important part of the day: we head out to a local eatery favourite for a team lunch. A time of bonding, laughs and food, we often end up taking other members of staff along with us. In Borough, we're really spoilt for choice with places to eat! Sometimes we'll get food from a local sandwich shop (it's all about the chicken, bacon and avocado panini!) and bring back to eat together in the conference room.

2 pm

It's back to work and we get on with our individual projects. These range from students and CMF Global to evangelism and communications projects. I have a quick catch up with my line manager to talk about progress on my project and goals for the next couple of months. Currently, I am working on planning an evangelistic Carol Service for London Healthcare Professionals. I check and reply my emails from the host church, musicians and the designer of our flyers and Order of Service. I do some proof reading and go down to first floor to speak with the Communications team about publicity for the event. I'm excited at how it will turn out and it's been fun working across different departments with various members of staff.

3 pm

There is a brief interruption because it's somebody's birthday (again) which at CMF, means afternoon cake! We are very frequently even spoilt with Great British Bake Off standard homemade cake by Head of Students/Chief Baker, as is the case today. As we gather on the second floor, I check out the masterpiece: it looks amazing and I know it will taste even better! Usually the Head of Department for the birthday boy or girl gives a brief heartfelt speech and hands over a "surprise" card (that we've all covertly signed beforehand). We sing happy birthday in our most melodious voices (yes, suggestions have been made to start a CMF staff choir...) then tuck in before returning to our work stations.

5 pm

It's home time! I shut down my computer, say goodbye to everyone on the floor and head home. It's been a good day at the office.

N.B. This is a summary representation of an average day as a Deep:ER trainee and is not what happens every day at CMF - usually there are several more cups of tea than described above! :)

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