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12th August: Where to Find Jesus

Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road, and opened the Scriptures to us? Luke 24:32 (NIV)

The walk to Emmaus is a masterpiece of story-telling by Luke the physician. But if we look too closely at the human comments and reactions, we shall miss the whole point.

As they slowly walked home, two deeply disconsolate disciples were discussing the events surrounding the shameful and brutal death by crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth. Why did he have to come to this awful end? Then, suddenly, the subject of their conversation quietly came up from behind and joined them -- 'but they were kept from recognising him' (v16).

How easily in an instant, he could have shown himself, raised from the dead, gloriously alive. What a scoop if would have been for them! But no. He wanted to give them something far more valuable. He wanted to give them a secure foundation for a personal faith in him for all time.

He embarked on a Bible-study. He opened their eyes to truth which is hidden in the Scriptures. Beginning with Moses -- the first five books -- he went right through to the end. All Scripture speaks of him and of God's purpose to call out a people for himself. he is there in the prophets and their challenge to right living. He is in the priestly offices which give us a picture of making atonement for sin. He is there in the kingly characters and the examples they gave.

Today, we have more. We have the very words of Jesus himself (as well as the apostles' interpretation of the meaning for us of his death and resurrection and ascension). His words are much better to us than any picture or photograph of him can ever be, better than any tokens or emblems of his presence, better than any system of government of any magical gifts which he might have bequeathed to us. His words tell us what is in his heart and mind.

If we want to find Jesus, he is there in the Bible when we come humbly, eagerly to it to read and meditate over it -- and to listen.

Further reading: Lk 24:25-32, 44-48. Eph 1:15-23.


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