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29th February: Living Mirrors

We Christians have no veil over our faces; we can be mirrors that brightly reflect the glory of the Lord. And as the Spirit of the Lord works within us, we become more and more like him. 2 Corinthians 3:18 (LB)

The most amazing thing in this life is that God wants us to reflect him. But how can we sinners reflect his holiness and glory? Like a mirror, which has no light of its own. It can only reflect light when it faces light. Similarly, man can only reflect God's glory when he keeps a right relation with Jesus. He is the light of this world. The more we obey him the more his Spirit works in us to make us like him. Let us daily invite him into every area of our life to enable us to reflect him.

My uncle Daniel A was a professional photographer. Whenever I visited his studio, I knew that unless he was shooting a portrait, I could find him in the darkroom. The hours he spent there made the difference between a mediocre picture and a superior one. The picture had been taken in the studio, where the subject was impressed upon the sensitive film the instant it was exposed to light. But that was just the beginning. The film had to undergo the careful process of development, which required darkness, the right temperature, special chemicals and time. Only through this procedure could the impression on the film be brought out and printed.

Similarly, at the moment of salvation, a permanent impression of the Saviour is made in our heart. But it takes a life time for the beauty of Christ's character to be brought out in us. For Christ's image to be developed we must willingly accept God's chastening through life's hardship and trials. This `dark room' discipline will assure a spiritual portrait of Christ's likeness sin our lives.

Richard Wurmbrandt, a Romanian pastor, was put in prison for many years. Because of his faith and love to Jesus he had to suffer. In the same dirty prison, a young atheist was really attracted by the pastor's life as he gave English lessons from the life of Christ. Impressed by the personality of Jesus, the young communist asked who Jesus was. The pastor answered: `So many love Jesus and want to follow him. If you really want to know who Jesus is, I can humbly say that Jesus is like me, because I follow him'. `If Jesus is like you, I also want to love and follow him'. The pastor's life reflected Christ, so others were attracted to Jesus, even in the dark prison full of misery.

In the medical field, we often face suffering and meet people in need. What a great privilege to become mirrors reflecting God's love to them. A close relation with Jesus enables us to do this.

Lord, make me your instrument as a living mirror to
shine in the dark places of the human heart.

Further reading: Mt 5;14-16. Phil 2:15-16. 1 Thes 1:6.


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