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3rd April: The Way (4) -- The Maker of the Way

In him we live and move and have our being. Acts 17:28

Each one of us who follows the broad way of medicine, no matter on which of the many tracks it offers, must sometimes ponder on the wonder of life, its creation and its sustaining. Especially wonderful is human life, with which all in the health team have much close contact. We need to remind ourselves constantly that behind it all is God.

When the apostle Paul visited Athens he was greatly disturbed to see how many trivial and inadequate and unworthy gods they had. Then he saw that they have made provision for 'an unknown God' -- a quaint way of leaving their options open. He soon made it clear that they were missing out on the only god who mattered -- in fact, the only God, who not only created all things but gives life and being to all living creatures.

Some people when they start to think about this are frightened off by the mystery of God's nature, especially the idea of the trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, three Persons in one God. They put it in the 'too hard' basket and forget about it.

That is a big mistake. The fact that it is a mystery is no warrant for rejecting it. Would we really expect the nature of the eternal infinite God to be easy to comprehend? It is worth the most careful and reverent study (C S Lewis deals with it very helpfully in his book 'Mere Christianity').

This God not only made us and the world in which we live, he also made the Way by which we may come to know him. And he put it into effect in the most practical fashion. The Father gave his Son (God gave -- for us). The Son took our nature and give his life (God died -- for us). The Spirit came to be with us and in us (God lives -- for us). God has made the Way and shines his light in it. It is up to us to take it and follow it.

Lord of all being, throned afar,
Thy glory flames from sun and star;
Centre and Soul of every sphere,
Yet to each loving heart how near!
Sun of our life, thy quickening ray
Sheds on our path the glow of day.

Oliver Wendell Holmes

Further reading: Acts 17:15-34.


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