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Members' Mentoring Scheme

Who's walking with you? Who's walking with me?

Walking Alongside YouHealthcare as a Christian is different. Often you find yourself in a place you have not been before (Joshua 3:4). New challenges, new opportunities, new questions arise all the time. Would it help to have someone to listen, encourage and walk with you?

Or maybe, you have a little time to give to listening and sharing your experience of Christian healthcare with someone. You don't have to be the final answer on things but if you are prepared to be faithful, available and teachable then you could be a good mentor.

CMF has a Members' Mentoring scheme that aims to provide encouragement and mutual support for those in training, at work and retired. We offer recognition and training for those wishing to be mentors. We aim to match those who want a mentor with the best possible person to walk with you based on the priorities and aims you have for the mentoring relationship.

It isn't a huge time commitment but it makes a big difference to have someone to listen, talk with and pray with from time to time.

To read more download our guides Could I Be A Mentor and Mentoring: A Great Way to Grow.

To take things further contact CMF Pastoral Care and Wellbeing on: Contact CMF using the #Mentoring heading, telling us if you want to find a mentor or be a mentor or maybe, both!

If you have a more general enquiry for wellbeing or pastoral issues, please see our Pastoral and Wellbeing page.

Let's walk together…

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