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The training years are a decisive time for you. CMF helps you share the journey with others facing the same challenges and those who've been there before and know what you're going through.

The junior years are stressful - transitioning from a student to working, taking on clinical responsibilities, choosing and training in a speciality, often without a familiar support network.

Long and irregular hours drain the energy and finding and fitting into a supportive church can be difficult.

A benefit of being a CMF member is access to CMF Links in workplaces, deaneries and churches and specialties who are ready to offer a welcome and support.

'As Christians who are doctors, it is important for us to unite with one another, sharing fellowship, education and serving God together, be that in the UK or elsewhere in the world. CMF helps me to do this.' Dr Victoria Parsonson

We have a very energetic Junior Doctors' Committee overseeing work among juniors and planning key events. There is an annual residential Juniors' Conference where you can meet with over a hundred other Christian junior doctors to share fellowship and encouragement.

One of the most valued events is the Careers Day, where experienced doctors address key issues and can give you valuable advice on your portfolio.

CMF has developed resources to support junior doctors including a short booklet called Surviving the Foundation Years (sent free to all CMF members entering FY1).

And don't miss Foundations a book addressing a whole raft of ethical, faith, vocational and lifestyle issues.

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