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Order Ref: Ata1101

Published by: CMF (2011)

Author: Graham McAll

ISBN: 9780906747-41-4

Price: £5.00(RSP: £8.00, save £3.00)

In healthcare there often comes a moment in which the patient opens up a window into their worldview. This can throw sudden light on their condition and its management, leading to profound insights if the clinician is willing and ready to respond. This moment is a gift not to be ignored.

Graham McAll has worked as a general surgeon and inner city GP. In this book he has gathered a combination of personal anecdotes and reflections from around the world which illustrate the value of understanding the patient's worldview and spiritual background. There are many intriguing examples and practical tips to help you do this well, along with some pitfalls to avoid!

In a controversial area, Graham clarifies misunderstandings about what constitutes acceptable professional behaviour and explains how the clinician's own faith can be expressed.

We see that this is no trivial issue; a patient's worldview affects how they cope with illness and can even have an impact on their survival.

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